Once there was a princess called Bluebell she was trapped in a castle for years, she had brown hair and  a blue dress. Her life was hard but she had a beautiful camera where she can video with – “Hey Tiana!” (bff) she said excitedly. “What’s up?” She replied “Nothin’ much,” she said while picking up her mirror then hung up. Suddenly she dropped the camera in the sink! She worried for a bit she knew her dad was going to KILL her! “What should I do, I know I’ll make one out of cardboard!” She wondered for a bit “Where should this go?” while sticking it on. “There! Done!” she cheered and showed it to her dad. “You stupid child do you think I’m silly?” he asked. “N-no Papa,” she muttered. “Do you think I WON’T KNOW YOU DROPPED IT IN THE SINK!” he shouted. She cried as he stormed out of the room, she knows she would never be trusted again, forever lonely… forever sad.