One day, in Ratland, Leigh jumped out of bed. She went to the kitchen and ate Cat-ella on toast. She then put on her school uniform, brushed her teeth and hair and grabbed her┬árose backpack. She rambled outside and pounced onto her yellow and purple bicycle. When she arrived at ‘Ratland High: Home of Rat.’ Leigh was in grade 9. She grabbed the key out of her pocket and put her rose backpack in her mint green locker covered in unicorn stickers then she went into class.

She sat down. 2 hours later the clock buzzed, it was lunch. Leigh had a tuna sandwich squeezed with lemon. YUM! After school, she played trains with her younger sister, Phoebe. She was the lime train. Then they went on a large, aqua boat. Her sister excitedly played with her trains. Then, one went overboard. ”Wa-” You can guess what happened next…