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Zoe’s 100 Word Challenge

One day there was a girl called Daisy she had a teddy called Edward and she was playing with him. So she went outside to the sea and there were two other kids. They grabbed Daisy’s teddy and chucked it to each other. So the other kids threw Edward in the water then Daisy was crying then Daisy went on the wood  then jumped into the water but she landed on the slimy boat but Edward was at the bottom of the sea. So Daisy jumped into the water and swam all the way to the bottom of the sea then got her teddy and swam back up but she drowned almost so she was on top of the water and holding Edward. She jumped on the boat then held onto the wood and they went on the path. The end.

The Odd Cat in Ratland (Part 1) – Faith 3C

One day, in Ratland, Leigh jumped out of bed. She went to the kitchen and ate Cat-ella on toast. She then put on her school uniform, brushed her teeth and hair and grabbed her rose backpack. She rambled outside and pounced onto her yellow and purple bicycle. When she arrived at ‘Ratland High: Home of Rat.’ Leigh was in grade 9. She grabbed the key out of her pocket and put her rose backpack in her mint green locker covered in unicorn stickers then she went into class.

She sat down. 2 hours later the clock buzzed, it was lunch. Leigh had a tuna sandwich squeezed with lemon. YUM! After school, she played trains with her younger sister, Phoebe. She was the lime train. Then they went on a large, aqua boat. Her sister excitedly played with her trains. Then, one went overboard. ”Wa-” You can guess what happened next…




Finley’s 100 Word Challenge

                 The nice day begins

The pug has got two friends with him and they went in the woods .   There were lots of mud and it was slimy and they fell into it but they got out and they dried . So the ditches dried up and then they can’t  fall  in any more. It was sunny  but the weather changed  dramatically . It turned into thunder and lighting   and they ran  and they got  and got under a big branch  . Then they got lost off branches then they  made a house out off  branches  and leaves  they heard  a big band!They got in a bedroom then  they  got

a TV . They  joined  the beds together .  They are watching cartoon nictoons . They were laughing .



Harrison’s 100 Word Challenge

On Tuesday two workers had a really nice creme egg and when they cracked the chocolate open they liked the caramel inside. They started to feel weird so they ate some more. They began to shrink till they were smaller than the creme egg so they began to check the creme egg caramel in case it will make them grow to their normal size seven foot tall. One of them got on top of the caramel. One bent over to crack the chocolate in the caramel. One put cones on the floor so nobody can go near it because it also has germs on the caramel.

Phoebe’s 100 Word Challenge

The Raining Creme Egg
One rainy day in space there was a man that bought a lovely delicious creme egg. And it landed with a crack!
All of a sudden, three workmen came rushing out and blocked the gigantic creme egg. John asked, “What is this?”
“This is a chocolate creme egg, silly,” replied Joshua.
“Let’s taste a tiny bit of it,” exclaimed John.
“Go and tell the villagers to come to Egypt Street to see the creme egg, ok,” squealed John.

Internet Safety Advice

Usernames and Passwords

Never use your real name as a username for example “rileyanderson11″. Also don’t give easy passwords like ”dog123”.

Age Limits

On some games there is an age limit. In the corners it says numbers like ”3, 7, 12, 15, 18”. The matching number is your age. If it says ”7” and you’re 8 you can play!

Most Important

Never share your password phone number or address. This could make someone knock at your door! NEVER EVER  share your personal info.


By Faith 3C

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Feely Bag Investigation

We learned that light is necessary for us to see. When we weren’t able to look at the items in the bags, it was hard to tell what they were!

Well done 3C

We started the new term winning the Attendance Cup with a class attendance of 99.2%. Well done 3C!


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Puffin Peter

  • Peter and Paul were best of friends, Paul made Peter laugh by being funny and noisy.They spent their days happily fishing around the rocky island. One day, while they were out diving… A big storm blew up. Big big storm. Suddenly Peter was lost he was far blown to sea. At last the storm was over. “Where am I?” said Peter.He opened his eyes “And where is Paul?” “Over there .” and they were happily ever after. The end.

By Jesika



In RE we have been learning about different festivals that people celebrate. We are having a go at writing our own quiz questions. Our quizzes will appear here very soon, but here is an example of the sort of thing we are going to try to produce!

Click on the link to take you to the quiz:


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