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8+81 =89




By Jesika 

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For our homework project, we designed and made fantastic volcanoes!
Then we did an experiment to make them erupt. We used acetic acid (vinegar) and sodium bicarbonate which react together to release carbon dioxide bubbles.

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Fantastic Mr Fox

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Investigating Rocks

In Science, we investigated the properties of rocks. We tested whether they floated or sank, how hard they were, whether they were permeable or impermeable, and whether they contained chalk.


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Christmas Celebrations

What a busy end of term we have had! Our Christmas Production then Christmas Jumper Day last week, followed by the House Point Winners’ Party, Christmas Dinner and our end of term assembly.

Thank you to all of 3C for your kind gifts, cards and Christmas wishes.


Five Holiday Homework Tasks  – have some fun, spend time with your family and friends, help your parents, read a good book, play outside.

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Phoebe’s story

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful girl  named Skye and she lived in a wonderful castle that has   bright red windows , Skye went into her castle because it was raining so then she was playing with her best toy that was named  Anna . Also Skye loved  Anna because Skye always played with her before and after school. Skye had long blond hair ,to decorate her hair she put high lights, she loved wearing lots of makeup  with a dress .

When it stopped raining that day Skye was that brave that she went into the deep and scary forest then Skye walked deeper into the deep and scary forest . As Skye walked deeper into the deep and scary forest she saw a scary shadow that looked like a fire  breathing dragon that was going to destroy her also going to eat her. Then she ran away because  it was scary at that minute Skye had a plan to never go to  or in the deep , scary and dark forest. When Skye got home she was tricking her mum because Skye was not asleep but her mum thought that Skye still was not asleep  but then 1 minute later Skye was fast asleep. The next morning Skye woke up at dinner time and then she stayed up all night and all day. At lunch time Skye cut her sandwich  but instead she cut her thum  and she went to the hospital and she got plaste. THE END

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A Poem About Miss Colley – Faith

Sometimes strict but very nice even if she closes her eyes.

I love her the way she is even if she is strict.

Oh Miss Colley one day please please please don’t go away.

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Ancient Greece

Our History topic is Ancient Greece. Find out some facts about the Ancient Greeks from this link:

Ancient Greeks

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Well done 3C for winning the attendance cup for the second week running – and achieving two full weeks at 100%! Can we make it three in a row?


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