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Lois’ 100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was an evil witch and she had a creme egg that can shrink people who are annoying her. One day she saw some men who were digging and drilling outside of her house so she went outside and said to these workmen, ” What are you doing?” she said angrily.
“We are doing our job, ok, ” they said weirdly. They whispered confusedly to each other, “Why does she want to know?”
“Well go and do it somewhere else because I am trying to sleep!” And she let them all have a bit of the creme egg and they all shrunk down down down…they never came back up again. The End.

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Internet Safety Advice

Usernames and Passwords

Never use your real name as a username for example “rileyanderson11″. Also don’t give easy passwords like ”dog123”.

Age Limits

On some games there is an age limit. In the corners it says numbers like ”3, 7, 12, 15, 18”. The matching number is your age. If it says ”7” and you’re 8 you can play!

Most Important

Never share your password phone number or address. This could make someone knock at your door! NEVER EVER  share your personal info.


By Faith 3C

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Well done 3C

We started the new term winning the Attendance Cup with a class attendance of 99.2%. Well done 3C!


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Danny’s 100 Word Challenge

It is a beautiful day to go on the brown bench.

We are in the class and we are werking on a hard tabl.

A boy was taking a picher with the camera of the dog. The dog wontid to go home to get some food and it was night time and the dog went to bed.

And it is hot and it was hard to punp up the swimming pool and the camera got wet and a brown pool and it got cold pool and they went in side the home and they went in the frumroom and they woch TV and they woch football and then they went to bed and in the morning they went to have some diner at a restront and then arfter they went to the park and they played on the swings.

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Sian’s 100 Word Challenge

Once there was a princess called Bluebell she was trapped in a castle for years, she had brown hair and  a blue dress. Her life was hard but she had a beautiful camera where she can video with – “Hey Tiana!” (bff) she said excitedly. “What’s up?” She replied “Nothin’ much,” she said while picking up her mirror then hung up. Suddenly she dropped the camera in the sink! She worried for a bit she knew her dad was going to KILL her! “What should I do, I know I’ll make one out of cardboard!” She wondered for a bit “Where should this go?” while sticking it on. “There! Done!” she cheered and showed it to her dad. “You stupid child do you think I’m silly?” he asked. “N-no Papa,” she muttered. “Do you think I WON’T KNOW YOU DROPPED IT IN THE SINK!” he shouted. She cried as he stormed out of the room, she knows she would never be trusted again, forever lonely… forever sad.

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Sonny’s 100 Word Challenge

One day, there was a boy called Jeff and a girl called Jefry they had a brown, beautiful, hard camera. Jefry was worried if she would drop it in some water and break it. It was really expensive it was £22.99. Off they went to school they were going on a school trip it was to a zoo. There is the biggest spider in the world. Jeff was really excited because he loves spiders the spiders are bigger than giants. Jefry was frightened of spiders. Jefry’s favourite animal is a monkey they are coming back from the zoo and their mums and dads picked up the children.

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Poppy’s 100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Miss Brown and she was a teacher and she said she is a beautiful teacher and she said it is home time then every body went home then Miss Brown went but on her way she banged into a hard tree and she had a big bump on her head and she worried about her head and she had a camera and she said I can’t go to school like this somebody has to take my place for tomorrow and I really need to get that bump off my head because it really hurts I want it off.

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Zack’s 100 Word Challenge

“Pistol!” I said. “I was so worried.”

I got Pistol Pug out of the mud and I turned back and a beautiful RV was sitting in front of me. I had a brown camera with me, the RV was super hard then the door flung open and I got inside it and drove off.

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Gracie’s 100 Word Challenge

Once there was a girl called Ellie and she had a cute dog called Poppy and one day she went in her room and saw a brown beautiful hard camera and she was worried to look at the photos but later she saw a photo of a fairy and she was so excited for a fairy to come to her house. “She came!” she shouted, “She came!” Later on they made friends and Ellie became a fairy.

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Lois’ 100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time, there was a family called the Browns and they were staying at a beautiful hotel. Then one day they found  a camera up at the top of the bed. They were worried that someone was spying on them . So the dad went down to the office to complain about the camera. The man said, “I don’t know any thing  so please go back to bed. I am sorry.” “Why did someone put it there? I am leaving for good, bye loser,” said the dad. It was so hard to sleep in the rotten hotel.

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