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Internet Safety Advice

Usernames and Passwords

Never use your real name as a username for example “rileyanderson11″. Also don’t give easy passwords like ”dog123”.

Age Limits

On some games there is an age limit. In the corners it says numbers like ”3, 7, 12, 15, 18”. The matching number is your age. If it says ”7” and you’re 8 you can play!

Most Important

Never share your password phone number or address. This could make someone knock at your door! NEVER EVER  share your personal info.


By Faith 3C

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Faith’s 100 Word Challenge

My mum told me that people grow when they’re dead, so maybe he was buired alive. Then, he grew and grew and grew and grew and then he suffocated. A million years later, his hand was covered in ice. Then, people built a park and could not move his hands. As a result, they built over the hand. During the progress, five builders sadly died so before they evacuated the hand they left it as a memorial for the brave people that built the park.

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Faith’s 100 Word Challenge

One dark night, Christine Lopez decided to go for a walk. Christine had heard about the Tikwi. Tikwi, a monster who seperated from the lower half of its body at night, to find a human and feast! But, Christine thought it was fake! Suddenly, Christine heard the call of the Tikwi, loudly. “Tikwiiiiii!” Christine fell to the floor in fright. “T-tikwi?” She blinked twice and saw that it was right in front of her! She screamed. The Tikwi’s jaw dropped in hunger. Christine closed her eyes then peeped but it was too late, the Tikwi was taking Christine’s soul. She became very pale, her jaw dropped….Her life had been taken. The Tikwi morphed into Christine, taking her life, her soul, her family….In the morning, the Tikwi heard a man say, “Did you hear that scream last night?” said the man. “Yeah, the noise was SO loud.” The Tikwi sniggered.

…..To be continued……

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Faith’s 100 Word Challenge

In the picture, I can see:

Boats in the dirt.

Trees in the ground.

Dirt on the floor.

Fenders on the boats.

Leaves by the trees.

Bushes on the ground by the trees.

Green thin tree leaves.

Brown dirt. (ew, dirt)

The boats got there because maybe there was water with the boats in then it all dried up, leaving the boats to live on the ground, unattended!

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Faith’s 100 word challenge

This is what I hope will happen in 2017.

I wish there were flying cars that exhaust out rainbows. Car beds, just set your location, time and… WHOOSH! You’re there! I wish there was… SUPER SHOES. Super Shoes are like Heeleys where you set the speed and… ZOOM! You’re off. I wish there was evil, robot dogs. Wait… invinsible, evil, robot dogs. Forever your security guard. I wish I had a cat that poops out rainbows! I wish that I had a UNICORN! I want a CAR! I want a swimming pool in my back garden.

I want that all to happen!
In 2017 I hope….

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Faith’s 100 word challenge

Dear Diary,

Today I, Lexi Taylor, went into the rainforest with Sir Meowsalot and went on a regular stroll. We travelled past a vine covered tree and as soon it was out of my eyesight Sir Meowsalot scraped my leg and meowed. ”What is wrong?” I enquired him. I glanced back at the tree and one of the vines were lighter than the others and as I turned around it changed shape. When I peeped back it was a venomous viper!  I screamed! Me and Sir Meowsalot ran home in a hurry . As soon the house was in sight I screamed ”MUMMY!” and ran in. Then, I had dinner and went straight to bed. I wonder what was curling around my stomach?



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A Poem About Miss Colley – Faith

Sometimes strict but very nice even if she closes her eyes.

I love her the way she is even if she is strict.

Oh Miss Colley one day please please please don’t go away.

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Faith’s 100 word challenge

In the pot, I think there is legs of an elderly woman because old people have quite pale skin. I think it got up there by an extra enormous forklift because a man can’t lift it. It is in a garden house because there is a lot of plants! What will happen next? Well maybe it will become old and rusty. I think it looked like Medusa when I first saw it because it has legs coming out her head. Also the sculpture has lots of patterns. It also looks like its been painted because it looks realistic. The sculpture must have took a long time to make becuase you can’t paint so speedily to cover that. That ends it. Also it has a scary mouth.

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