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Harrison’s 100 Word Challenge

One day I had a camera and I was taking pictures of cars. I dropped the camera then the camera got wet. It was not a beautiful day. I was worried in case the camera was broke but it was still fine so I carried on taking pictures. All the cars were hard so they was fine they weren’t bad because all cars are hard. We still had a special stamp on our hand we went to see my mum’s friend who was selling stuff. Some are for cars some are toys. The toys are trains which you can brake and fix. Some was brown, some was not the colour brown some was lots of colours. I got to play with one of the toys I got to look after the stuff.

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Harrison’s 100 Word Challenge

One day there was ghosts all round a house. People didn’t know. The noise was so loud! A man who worked there went in a room and loads of slime was erupting up from the ground. Slowly the door shut because the ghost shut it. The stairs began to fall in to the slime. The man suddenly began to fall in the slime. The slime began to go back down into the floor. A girl who worked in the place heard a noise like screaming so she went on the train track and saw a ghost and a girl was looking on the websight and it said ghosts are real so the girl went to see scientists and said we can catch ghosts away from people.

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