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Puffin Peter

  • Peter and Paul were best of friends, Paul made Peter laugh by being funny and noisy.They spent their days happily fishing around the rocky island. One day, while they were out diving… A big storm blew up. Big big storm. Suddenly Peter was lost he was far blown to sea. At last the storm was over. “Where am I?” said Peter.He opened his eyes “And where is Paul?” “Over there .” and they were happily ever after. The end.

By Jesika





fact family

8+81 =89




By Jesika 

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Jesika’s 100 Word Challenge

I think that the giant has fallen down from the castle to the ground very hard and maybe some people put silver on one of its hands and put it under ground then the giant is trying to get out. But the tree was in the way so he couldn’t get out.
I think that I am under the ground I am trying to get out but something is making me to not come out.
I think this mite be a giant from a castle on a cloud and it could fall off the cloud. I think what has happened is maybe the giant wasn’t looking so it fell off the cloud and fell to the ground.

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Jesika’s 100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl in a parck playing in the swing waiting for her mum to say it’s time to go. Home and so when the girls mum said come on Lusy and the girls name is Lusy and then Lusy go home whith her mum and then Lusy was hungry so she eat a orange and then they were going out and they went a crocodile place and they went to a river and they sowed a crocodile trying to get into a iceland after that they went back to there home and they went to there beds and they went to bed and they had a verry good and they lived hellply ever aftther the End!

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