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In RE we have been learning about different festivals that people celebrate. We are having a go at writing our own quiz questions. Our quizzes will appear here very soon, but here is an example of the sort of thing we are going to try to produce!

Click on the link to take you to the quiz:


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What is it like to be a Christian in Britain today?

In our RE lessons this term, 3C have been finding out about Christianity and how someone who is a Christian might demonstrate their faith by the things that they do at home and in their church. We learned that the Bible is a very important book for Christians, which they read and study at home and at church. We enjoyed seeing some video clips of the worship in different types of churches and finding out how Christians might follow some of the teachings of the Bible in their homes and churches.
However, now we have lots more questions!

How do you pray?         What do you wear?         What do you do in a church?         What do you do in church when you pray?         Do you ring the bells in church?         Why do people go to churches?         Why do we have to pray?         Why do you wear special clothes?         Why does the Bible have confusing sentences?         Why do people read the Bible?         Why do you eat bread and drink wine?         Why is the Bible all about Jesus?         Why do you pray at a church?         Why do you have books?        How long has your church been there for?         What kind of songs do you sing?               Do you ever have a break and stop and have something to eat or do you just carry on and have something to eat after?         Do people go to churches to go and see part of their family in a graveyard?         Do you read the Bible in the church?         Why did you choose to become a Christian?         Is it fun to be a Christian?

If you are a Christian reading this, please help us to answer some of these questions using the comment box below!

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