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Zoe’s 100 Word Challenge

I think the people made the hand because its to scare the people so at the park people was walking with there kids then they all saw the big big big fingers then they ran away I think then the people want to always scare them. I fell in a hole then saw a big stachu so they couldn’t get out so they tried and tried but they could’t but they thought it was a stachu but it was a dead Giant.
I think that the Giant was dead then it was moving so it must be alive. So they finally got out then they ran as fast as they could but a tree was in there way so they touched the finger then it moved and moved then went away so they did not went there again.

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Zoe’s 100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl playing at school when it was a sunny day then sudely the girl fell over then some won came to her and picked her up then the girl said thanks then the girl eat a orange wide open then the girl said some thing to the other girl and said within the collapsed then ran to ferst age (Editor: ‘First Aid’) to see her leg or knee or arm to go to the toilet then got out of the toilet then she whent home and it was her dinner time.

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